Travel Predictions 2022 

2022 is going to be an exciting year for travelers as they will be looking to spend more and have more adventures. The new onset of freedom means that people are in a much better position to go on vacation once again. In the coming year 2022, individuals will not only seek to reconnect with friends and family, but they will also be looking to meet new people. Over 60% of travelers are of the opinion that they will travel more in 2022. 62% of travelers will be traveling more to emerging destinations and 60% to international destinations. Travelers will be looking at new cultures, experiences, and destinations in the coming year.

People are having high predictions in 2022 to make the most of what they have missed in the last 2 years.

  • Travel as self-care : 

Getting away on vacation, more than daily exercise or mindfulness meditation, will become the form of self-care in 2022. According to's Travel Predictions study, 85 percent of travelers state that travel enhances their mental and emotional wellbeing more than other types of rest and relaxation. After more than a year of ever-changing travel restrictions, the significant health and wellness advantages of travel are now being recognized. 

  • First-time feelings :

By 2022, all of our out-of-practice travel awkwardness will give way to true delight in even the most mundane aspects of our travels. After feeling stuck for many days, travelers will be able to enjoy the journey instead of rushing through it. 75% of travelers say simple pleasures like feeling the sun on their skin or seeing an expanse of water quickly improve their mood, so our “first” visits in 2022 will be a memorable event.

  • Resetting work boundaries:

More than three quarters of travelers expect vacation time to be free of work in the future. As a result of the epidemic, we turned our homes into offices all over the world, and it was pretty novel being able to work from anywhere. A majority of people intend to re-establish a healthier work-life balance by 2022. In addition, 73 percent believe that vacation time will be completely free of work.

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  • Just say yes! :

Due to lost vacation time, travelers will say YES to travel. More than 60 percent of vacationers are open to different types of vacation arrangements. The travel industry will experience a new way of thinking for 2022 after a prolonged period of sacrificing socializing, traveling, and having fun. The percentage of people who believe they need to make up for lost vacation time has risen from 42% to 63%. Due to the epidemic, all travel plans have been put on hold, so 2022 will be the year for just saying yes. According to the survey, 72 percent of Americans would take any vacation if the budget permitted it.

  • Embracing the unpredictable :

Technology will be more important than before for 64% of passengers while on vacation. In 2022, travelers will embrace the unexpected after the pandemic interrupted trips, and many will rely on technology to make that happen. Research indicates that 63 percent of passengers believe technology reduces health hazards while traveling, and 62 percent believe it allows them to relax. It would be awesome if we could predict which countries are safe to visit months in advance, or if we could use technology to identify which countries are safe now based on our country's COVID-19 standards and the destination's current COVID-19 standards.

For many of us, the pandemic has meant spending extended and intense periods of time with our closest friends and loved ones. Based on RTSgroup predictions, travelers are looking forward to greater adventures and are spending more money while traveling than they did a year ago. By 2022, you will have the opportunity to visit more countries and cities than ever before.

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