Best Festival in Morocco 

As a land of coexistence throughout its history, Morocco has a lot to offer in terms of its culture, and, as such, has a lot to offer its visitors. Every corner of Morocco is alive with festivals and events all throughout the year let's take a trip together around the country and discover the ultimate festivals that the country has to offer

  • Oasis

In terms of festival quality, it is the first festival on the African continent that sets such a high bar; the festival has been held in Marrakech for several years now, This is the first festival of its kind to incorporate a daytime event of electronic music, house music, and disco at the same time respect what is unique to Moroccan culture during the daytime event. With some regular acts and some open-air activities like yoga workshops and henna workshops, as well as food stalls along the way. Located facing the Atlas Mountains, you can experience a beautiful landscape while listening to live music all night long while enjoying the sights. There are a number of international DJs on the lineup, as well as some from the burgeoning Moroccan music scene, as well as some international talent from all over the world.

  • Marrakech du Rire

It has been ten years already since the festival was first held in Marrakech and Morocco, and it has been a success in both ways. At the crossroads of all cultures, the Marrakech du Rire festival has become a must-see event, one that is unique in its kind. Since  2011, Marrakech du Rire has been establishing itself as one of the leading international comedy festivals, bringing together personalities from the worlds of cinema, audiovisual, music, and sports in order to present the best performing comedy at the festival.

  • Mawazine Festival in Rabat and Salé

In order to open ourselves to the world's cultures, this festival is part of an effort to offer the public an opportunity to be immersed in the sounds of music from all corners of the globe. A nine-day festival is held between May and June in Rabat, Morocco, with ten themes (international, oriental, Moroccan, young music, etc.). It was attended by an estimated 2.5 million people, making Mawazine the third largest festival in the world. The festival will be represented by a couple of countries and will feature artists, exhibitions, and exceptional shows (such as original inventions, master classes, and circus), the majority of which will be free of charge.

  • Festival Jazzablanca   

Jazzablanca is an international jazz and contemporary music festival taking place in Casablanca (Morocco) since 2006. Over the course of three days in July, it attracts thousands of festival-goers. Jazzablanca presents every year big names of Pop, Soul, Rock, Funk, World Music, and Jazz. During the festival, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional mix of concerts, from discovering the latest talents to meeting world-famous artists. Additionally to the concerts, the public is invited to attend jazz initiation workshops, meet with artists (reserved for VIP guests), participate in improvised musical sessions, and participate in musical parades on the street as well. At the end of the concert, there are usually after parties which can last until the wee hours of the morning.

  • Gnaoua and World Music  

As a Moroccan music festival that has been held every year in the Moroccan city of Essaouira since 1997, the Gnaoua and World Music Festival promote the culture of the Gnaouas (heirs of the Haratin people who were slaves), a mixed race of artists descended from slaves, and it is held at the beginning of each summer in Essaouira.

The purpose of this festival is to make it one of the most significant stories of encounters, mergers, and openness towards other cultures. Therefore, we see this as a central mission to preserve, enhance and radiate the music and culture of the Gnaoua in Morocco and around the world. We also want to create moments of music that are unique to any other.

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